"Whenever an actor asks me where to study or coach, I point them toward Marjorie Ballentine."
NELSAN ELLIS (Lafayette in True Blood; Get On Up, The Butler; Secretariat; Talent; The Soloist …)

Acting Coach

Krysten Ritter Discusses Her Mentor Relationship with Acting Teacher Marjorie Ballentine

Stella Adler’s protégé, sought-after coach, and critically acclaimed theater director, with over 20 years of experience.

Marjorie inspires actors by individually working with each student at his or her level — from movie star to series regular to Broadway actor to students fresh out of school. Marjorie’s youthful exuberance inspires her actors and demands from them the work ethic of a seasoned professional.

Since arriving in Los Angeles in the fall of 2003, Marjorie has both coached and placed actors as leads, co-stars, and recurring roles in films, television movies, hit TV series, and Broadway. Under heading “Talent Roster” is a sample of her clientele and some of their projects.

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