“Working with Marjorie is a guttural experience. She gets straight to the essence of the character/scene and helps you find images that trigger your work. She makes your mind sweat. Her passion is inspiring. I love working with her!”
YARA MARTINEZ (Jane the Virgin, True Detective, Alpha House, The Hitcher, The Apostles, The Unit, Southland, Vanished…)

Developing the Actor

Marjorie Ballentine is a highly respected acting teacher and director, who believes in the craft of acting – not in “chance.” “I’m interested in an actor who wants a career, not a 5-minute fly-by-night spot on the latest hit series. Hollywood demands professionalism, toughness, and range. An actor must enter the audition with utter confidence in his choices – and the ability to change them on a dime if requested – with equally talented, interesting choices. Craft! Craft! Craft! It always comes back to craft!”