"I've been working with the same acting teacher, Marjorie Ballentine, for 10 years. I coach with her on everything. She sometimes even helps me if I'm considering doing a project; I'll flip it to her and see what she thinks. She is somebody I rely on really heavily. She's wildly talented and passionate. She makes me a better actor."
KRYSTEN RITTER- Interview Magazine (Jessica Jones, Big Eyes, Breaking Bad, Asthma, Listen Up Phillip, Don't Trust the B_ in Apt. 23, Gravity, She's Out of My League, Dexter, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, Confessions of a Shophaholic…)

Acting Classes

Marjorie Ballentine from Marjorie Ballentine on Vimeo.

Marjorie Ballentine provides acting classes in Los Angeles at all levels, offering a wide range of skills areas, such as Scene Study, Technique, Script Analysis, Character Development.

STELLA ADLER said: “Your talent is in your choices.” Marjorie has built upon this philosophy, stating: “The greatest justification gets the job.”

Miss Ballentine has designed these classes to equip the actor with a solid, specific, and dependable craft that he will use throughout his career, whether it is acting for film and television or acting for the stage.

“The actor who masters his craft should be able to eliminate all that is ‘accidental’ in his process, and create a solid foundation on which to build his talent, bringing his own individual voice to all his work.”

Marjorie Ballentine coaches actors both privately and on set.