"When I began acting, teachers always wanted me to either tone down or eliminate my raw talent… and to ONLY use technique. Marjorie has not only helped me to better use my raw talent, she has also taught me that using raw talent AND technique can and should coincide. While working with her, I always push it to the limit and dig deeper… always!"
VICTOR RASUK (Fifty Shades of Grey, Godzilla, jOBS, How to Make It in America, Stop-Loss, Lords of Dogtown, Raising Victor Vargas, Che …)

MONDAY: Technique: Intro to Adler

Coaching session with Lucia Yamuy from Marjorie Ballentine on Vimeo.

NijaOkoro from Marjorie Ballentine on Vimeo.
Monday 7PM-11PM (All Levels)


Ms. Ballentine has expanded her technique class and designed a  program to equip the actor, at any level, with a solid, specific, and dependable craft that he will use throughout his career. The actor who would master his craft and his instrument will seek to eliminate all that is “accidental” in his process, and create a solid foundation on which to build his talent.

The Program begins with mastering the elements that build a truthful character, adding imagination to true life experience, and combining them in a way that will enhance originality and uniqueness to the character’s choices. This program is  beneficial to all levels of actors. Classes are ongoing.

Total Cost: $300/month

Mon + Tue: $500/month

Mon +Thurs:  $450/month

Mon + Tue + Thurs $700/mo