"Whenever an actor asks me where to study or coach, I point them toward Marjorie Ballentine."
NELSAN ELLIS (Get On Up, Lafayette in True Blood, Get On Up, The Butler, Secretariat, Talent, The Soloist)

THURSDAY: Master Scene Study

Marjorie coaching Erica Dasher from Marjorie Ballentine on Vimeo.

Thursday: 7PM-11PM

This class enhances the artistic collaboration among actor, director, and writer, further exploring the actor’s understanding that he is the instrument: the voice, the physical, the mind, the soul: all must function as one unit. This training is designed to achieve the full integration of the disciplines needed to develop an actor who is centered, confident, and persevering. The actor must reclaim his dignity as an artist and seek work with confidence and know-how in an industry that demands professionalism, toughness, confidence, and fluency in his overall presentation. This class may be taken alone or in conjunction with Technique and/or From Script to Performance.   Class is $300/month. **Audition required**

Mon + Thurs: $450/month

Tues + Thurs: $500/month

Mon + Tues + Thurs $700/month