For Marjorie Ballentine...With appreciation for continuing your labors in the vineyard. Arthur Miller (after reading MB's script breakdown of Death of a Salesman)

TUESDAY: From Script to Performance

Justin and Mekenna from Marjorie Ballentine on Vimeo.

Tuesday: 7PM-11PM

This class was initiated when Deborah Aquila and Donna Morong asked me to teach at their studio: Aquila/Morong Studio for Actors. It will be designed to bridge the differences between Sandford Meisner and Stella Adler techniques through Technique, Scene Study, and Script Interpretation.

Ms. Ballentine will begin to transition the work from “self” to “character,” implementing and layering aspects of the Adler technique progressively until the self and character merge to define the needs of the script. The Master Class (Thursday Scene Study) will apply the more advanced Meisner Work with Stella Adler’s technique to scene study and script interpretation in order to help guide the actor/actress into integrating both techniques to create strong, truthful characters that are rooted in an emotionally truthful expression.

The script interpretation will serve as the guide to discovery of the character’s objectives and actions in terms of observable behavior while maintaining the moment to moment spontaneity that is the cornerstone to the Meisner approach. The intensive analysis of script interpretation and its application to the rehearsal and performance process will improve the actor’s ability to make unique choices, whether it be in an audition situation or in the actual performance during film or theater work. The work further advances the actor’s technique to develop and integrate the imagination with one’s own experience by introducing the actor to the world of text, where one’s choices must be original and creative, yet support and serve the writer’s/director’s ideas. These classes will become the “bridge” to the Master Class. Ms. Ballentine works with actors on a very individual basis, meaning that she may design specific exercises for your individual needs. Classes are ongoing. Cost: $300/month **Audition required**


Mon + Tue: $500/month

Tue + Thurs: $500/month

Mon + Tue + Thurs $700/month

We do not accept observers for this class. The cost to observe our technique or Master class class is an additional $100/month for current students.